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By Cinda M Carter, 2011.

Where do I start, Lord? It was in the year of 1983 and my life was in a mess and I was truly in a backslider’s condition… I had sworn that I would never walk with the Lord again in my life… I had been introduced to the Lord at the age of 13 but being young and by not spending time in the word of God, the seeds that had been planted in my life had not taken root yet…

God was not finished with me and although I had given up on Him, He did not give up on me… By 1983 I had pretty much lost everything because of the life style I had chosen to live, but praise God, He was faithful… God gently led me to a Christian book store that I stopped at on the way home from work… I was disgusted with my life style and asked the Lord just one more time to help me… So, He led me to books called “Prison to Praise” and “Power in Praise” which had an impact on my life… So, I said to myself I will try this thing called praise and tell the Lord that I am thankful for my situation in life…

I found it necessary to return to the home of my mom and dad… I was angry with God for bringing me back home when I had no place else to go… So, that particular week I praised God with my mouth in faith until it became a reality in my heart… Not more than a week later we had some new neighbors move in next door to us… I was hungry and thirsty to know God… God prepared my heart all that week for what was to come…

The people were devout Christians with a nice family… They would have Bible studies every week and they invited me to attend… As the Lord would have it they ministered to me in such a way that I knew God was real and that I needed to acknowledge that I was a sinner, to repent and be cleansed by the blood of the Lamb… So, I did and God has never failed me, not one time has He disappointed me in the last 28 years with my walk with Him…

After moving back with my parents God set things in motion… God taught me to submit to my parents at the age of 31 for five blessed years of being renewed in the Lord… I learned to love and honor my parents and would not marry again until God gave me His blessings through my dad and mom… I continued to live with my parents for approximately five years… I waited for God to send the right person into my life if that was what He wanted for me… It was…

Jim and I dated for a little over a year and he proposed to me on my birthday at the age of 38, then he asked my dad and mom for my hand in marriage… Dad and mom gave their blessings with no reservations… Jim and I have been married 21 years now… God through His written Word is our foundation for a godly marriage… I feel God has given me the right man to spend the rest of life with and I cannot thank the Lord enough for His love and mercy…

I am not saying life has been perfect since I have made a daily decision to follow Jesus… I have made a lot of mistakes along the way and I have sinned in areas of my life, but not without reconciliation with the Heavenly Father… God is faithful… God always has a way of working things out for our good and His glory!!!

I praise the Lord with each new day He gives me and I thank Him for His Son who was willing to take my place on the cross… I pray that this testimony touches others in a way that they realize that they do not need to be perfect, or clean their life up before coming to the Lord… He wants all to come just as they are… I knew I could not make it without Jesus one more day in my life… He gave me hope and God gave me a reason to live life one day at a time, and at the same time realize I have a Heavenly Home when I have reached the end of my journey here on this earth… I pray He will be able to say to me well done good and faithful servant… To be His servant is an honor…

Praise His Holy Name…

Yes, I Am Blessed
By Cinda M Carter

As I look back I see from where I have come.
My sins were as scarlet, I felt empty and undone…
Then I looked up to my only hope.
I knew this was the only way I would be able to cope.

My life was desolate and there was no meaning.
It took God’s Love to free me.
My prayer was, Dear Lord, come what may,
Please show me the way.

Along with the prayers were many tears.
And through the years…
There had been many unanswered questions and many fears to face.
Then I found forgiveness through Christ under God’s Grace.

God’s Love comes through our Savior.
With His unmerited favor.
God Himself came in the flesh to present to us His ideal solution,
By giving us His Son for our Salvation.

Only by God’s Mercy, this is the secret I have found in life.
During the times of tribulation and strife,
It’s to trust and obey,
Even when you feel afraid.

Through perseverance,
God will make the way and give you clearance.
But sometimes misunderstood,
Is just believing if only I could.

It’s making a commitment to obey
Even when you still feel afraid.
Yes, I am blessed,
But not without trials and tests.

Will the decision be for yourself, for others or His sake?
That is a choice we all have to make.
When we decide to come to Him and confess.
Yes, you too will be blessed.





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