Doreen M Higgs


By Doreen Margaret Higgs, 2011.

My name is Doreen and I was born on May 15th, 1940 in Middlesex England.

I was just a small child around ten years of age when after hearing again at Sunday School of what Christ had done for me I went into our front room on my own and asked Jesus into my life, then rushed out and told my Gran. A very precious moment.

There have been many ups and downs since then but I praise the Lord for seeing me through them all.

I am now fighting cancer and my future is uncertain, except that as a Christian I know I will be going to meet my Lord when this life is over. I have written poems all my life and have shared them at meetings. Most of my poems are Christian ones and I feel God requires me to share them with others. I am no longer able to speak at meetings and feel that God gave me these poems so they should continue to be used for his glory even after I am no longer here. God bless.


Update: After a long battle with cancer Doreen went to be with the Lord on Tuesday 11th October 2016.




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