Kumalawaty Sundari


By Kumalawaty Sundari, 2017.

My life went so well until I got depression during my university study. At that time, I felt that Jesus whom I adored at the church never cared about what I was suffering. Then, I always thought that one day I would find a true church. After visiting several churches, I became so confused because I really could not decide the church whose doctrines is the most righteous. Many people judge me, telling that I am depressed because I do not want to go to church. Amid this doubt, one day my heart decided to trust Jesus as my Savior and friend. I made this decision because I saw that nobody ever touched what made me depressed. Slowly I was sure that Jesus is full of love and compassion as I read the Bible and meditated on it regularly.

It is so amazing that with His love, joy and peace, slowly I can feel healthy emotionally. In the past, I visited the psychiatrist and psychologist routinely, but it could not help me at all. I was really bored with the medicines that I must take till one day, I realized that His presence is real in my daily life. Suddenly, life is exciting, fun and interesting, something that psychiatrist medicines cannot ever do. The joy of the Lord healed me! It set me free from the feeling of abandoned and rejected. It is like something joyous and soothing flows into my soul, and since then, I forgot about my depression completely. All that I need is that Jesus stays in my heart. I am very happy now as I have found the true God, and all my sicknesses is gone!

Writing poetry is my sweet relation with the Lord. I always believe that it is Jesus who inspires me because poetry is not too popular in my country, Indonesia. When I write a poem, I know that it is to glorify Him because I really do not know how I can do that. Writing poems can strengthen me spiritually, so I am always happy to share this talent to everyone. Since Jesus has saved me from the darkness, I only want to dedicate my poems as my act of gratitude.

Eternity To Eternity
By Kumalawaty Sundari

From eternity to eternity is my Savior’s love;
Jesus bled and died to save my soul, hallelujah!
In His amazing grace always each step is secure,
My joy increases since His goodness shines.
When heaven’s melodies chime, my heart sings;
I thank to Jesus for His bountiful blessings daily.

From eternity to eternity is the joy that Jesus gives;
Despair may creep yet His mighty hands protect,
His precious treasure I am, secure all the time.
Time flies, yet God’s tender care does endure;
Glory to Jesus who are my light in the darkness!
So true is the peace that Jesus blows into my heart,
No more fear and worry as Jesus walks with me;
How He keeps His child with His everlasting arms!

Amen! His merciful heart is there whenever I need;
Nothing I can do when His faithfulness ends,
Alive I am with Jesus, I belong to His kingdom today!





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