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Babylon The Great

    Babylon The Great By Marie C Neubauer ~ She served not Christ in truth and light But served the flesh and Antichrist Throughout the earth she spread her lies Christ’s word and truth did compromise! Though many souls … Continue reading

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The Harlot Church

  The Harlot Church
 By Marie C Neubauer 
~ The harlot church of Babylon As described in Revelation Is headed up by Antichrist Who impersonates Christ the Son… His false prophet deceives many By miracles and mighty signs While holy … Continue reading

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The Love Of The Truth

  The Love Of The Truth By Marie C Neubauer ~ Jesus came to earth From Heaven above, Manifesting to men God’s truth and love! Powerful words of life To all nations did come, Salvation is found Through Jesus, God’s … Continue reading

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Christ Or Antichrist?

  Christ Or Antichrist? By Marie C Neubauer ~ Are you longing For Christ’s return? Or is it the Antichrist For whom you yearn? For by Satan’s power Many will be deceived, As Antichrist’s doctrines The world will believe! A … Continue reading

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    MYSTERY (acrostic) By Tom D Blakely ~   M other of harlots, who willingly betrayed her betrothed and gave herself to Satan.   Y esterday, today and until the end, the prostitute pretends to be the bride of … Continue reading

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A New World Order

  A New World Order By Marie C Neubauer ~ Their light became darkness, God’s Word sounded strange, His laws and His precepts Were forgotten and changed, Youth thought this new order Was how it always had been, The Bible … Continue reading

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Revelation Seventeen

  Revelation Seventeen By Marie Catherine Neubauer ~ Seduced by worldly power, She sought wealth and fame, Not holding to the Scriptures In the doctrine she proclaims… To political correctness She has yielded more and more, No longer preaches holiness, … Continue reading

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