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Fountain Of Mercy

    Fountain Of Mercy By Tom D Blakely ~ There’s a fountain of mercy There’s a way back to God Which we owe to the Saviour Who paid for with His blood. If we come now to Jesus By … Continue reading

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A Vague Belief Is Not Enough!

    A Vague Belief Is Not Enough! By Tom D Blakely ~ So many wish for peace with God A future safe in heaven An ‘after-life’ insurance plan That’s just there for the asking. They’ve heard that God’s a … Continue reading

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God’s Word

    God’s Word By June Stein ~ This welcome, quiet morning, I open up my mind, And search within my Bible, To see what gems I find, It’s never time that’s wasted, Rich treasure is inside, A treasure worth … Continue reading

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Dangers Ahead

    Dangers Ahead By Tom D Blakely ~ Oh Christians how long will it be Before our shallowness we see? Years after we have come to God We still have no time for His word! What dangers lie ahead … Continue reading

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Best Friend

    Best Friend By June Stein ~ Some people have a lot of friends For they are a friend to others. The Bible tells us of a friend Who is unlike any other, Both truly God, and truly man … Continue reading

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Knowing Jesus

  Knowing Jesus By Sylvia E Blakely ~ What have we when we know Jesus When by faith we come to Him? A new life is what we’re given And free pardon for our sin. Some may try to work … Continue reading

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Mansions Above

  Mansions Above By Tom D Blakely ~ Are you going to mansions above Is a place prepared just for you? When Jesus died He died for God’s people; Are you one for there’s but a few? Some may hope … Continue reading

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