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God’s Word

    God’s Word By June Stein ~ This welcome, quiet morning, I open up my mind, And search within my Bible, To see what gems I find, It’s never time that’s wasted, Rich treasure is inside, A treasure worth … Continue reading

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Dangers Ahead

    Dangers Ahead By Tom D Blakely ~ Oh Christians how long will it be Before our shallowness we see? Years after we have come to God We still have no time for His word! What dangers lie ahead … Continue reading

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Best Friend

    Best Friend By June Stein ~ Some people have a lot of friends For they are a friend to others. The Bible tells us of a friend Who is unlike any other, Both truly God, and truly man … Continue reading

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Knowing Jesus

  Knowing Jesus By Sylvia E Blakely ~ What have we when we know Jesus When by faith we come to Him? A new life is what we’re given And free pardon for our sin. Some may try to work … Continue reading

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Mansions Above

  Mansions Above By Tom D Blakely ~ Are you going to mansions above Is a place prepared just for you? When Jesus died He died for God’s people; Are you one for there’s but a few? Some may hope … Continue reading

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God’s Guidance

  God’s Guidance By Tom D Blakely ~ I had searched many times for God’s guidance But the Bible was not always clear. If it only read more like a textbook I could learn it and always be sure. It … Continue reading

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Consider This

  Consider This By Tom D Blakely ~ Consider this God’s children Your homes are lined enough. For what good is your treasure If not in heaven above? The Lord to you has spoken For all have turned away, To … Continue reading

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