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Deadly Roots

  Deadly Roots By Christine Hare Tate ~ Search me Lord and if You find 
The stems of bitterness, 
Reveal its deadly roots
 And clean up all the mess.
 Slash it where it’s planted 
Before it spreads around,
 Cleanse me … Continue reading

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Let Bygones Be Bygones

  Let Bygones Be Bygones By W A Zamorano ~ Let bygones be bygones Do not dig up the past It is time for you to sever Old wounds from your life forever. Let the memories go Let forgiveness flow … Continue reading

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A Tale Of Two Tables

  A Tale Of Two Tables By Rita Broden ~ The dining hall was open And two tables were displayed. Both tables offered plenty to consume. Hors d’oeuvres, entrees, and desserts Sat waiting to be eaten. Second helpings were ok … Continue reading

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