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Pray At This Moment

    Pray At This Moment By Kumalawaty Sundari ~ Pray at this moment, Believe that He hears. Yours is God’s favor, Jesus wipes your tears! Pray at this moment, Always He is near. Sharing with Jesus, Your Savior is … Continue reading

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It Is Finished!

    It Is Finished! By Tom D Blakely ~ It is finished! Jesus cried It is finished, and it is. We are reconciled to God When we know Christ died for us. It is finished, we will know When … Continue reading

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The Lord Reigns

    The Lord Reigns By Tom D Blakely ~ The Lord reigns, over all… He is Lord, over all things He has control. By His word, this world He made He will uphold. For a time, for a time. … Continue reading

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Knowing Jesus

  Knowing Jesus By Sylvia E Blakely ~ What have we when we know Jesus When by faith we come to Him? A new life is what we’re given And free pardon for our sin. Some may try to work … Continue reading

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Pain Is A Given Thing

  Pain Is A Given Thing By Tom D Blakely ~ Pain… is a given thing So there’s no point complaining Child of God… Do not analyze the problem It’s such a waste of time Trust the Lord for He … Continue reading

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Church Going

  Church Going By Tom D Blakely ~ Church going never saved a soul So do not be deceived. Churches are just a meeting place For those who follow Christ. No one is better, no one worse In a true … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Life Distract You

  Don’t Let Life Distract You By Marie C Neubauer ~ When the doctors say things will not improve, Jesus says, “By faith, a mountain I can move”! When a bridegroom or bride is turned away, Jesus says, Abide in … Continue reading

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