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  Overcomers By Marie C Neubauer ~ Tribulation…filled the land Deception…on every hand, Antichrist…takes control, Destroyer…of men’s soul! His false prophet…believed By lying wonders…deceived, A fallen world…in disarray Believed a lie… led astray! But look…many protest, God’s Son…they professed, His … Continue reading

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In A Time Such As This

  In A Time Such As This By Marie C Neubauer ~ In a world that is crippled By chronic fatigue, A spiritual awakening Is what this world needs! In a world so indifferent To its true spiritual need, A … Continue reading

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The Love Of The Truth

  The Love Of The Truth By Marie C Neubauer ~ Jesus came to earth From Heaven above, Manifesting to men God’s truth and love! Powerful words of life To all nations did come, Salvation is found Through Jesus, God’s … Continue reading

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Do Not Be Seduced

  Do Not Be Seduced By Marie C Neubauer ~ Don’t be seduced by evil As it permeates the land, Captivating the unwary Who fall prey to Satan’s plan. The scriptures men will wrest God’s truth will compromise, Light will … Continue reading

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