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Eternity To Eternity

    Eternity To Eternity By Kumalawaty Sundari ~ From eternity to eternity is my Savior’s love; Jesus bled and died to save my soul, hallelujah! In His amazing grace always each step is secure, My joy increases since His … Continue reading

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A Visit From God!

    A Visit From God! By Tom D Blakely ~ My life was a nightmare and nothing seemed fair Surrounded by death and the horrors of war. It wasn’t my anger or hurt or despair That drew me to … Continue reading

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Completely Trusting

  Completely Trusting By Sylvia E Blakely ~ At times things don’t turn out our way And this may leave us in despair But only when we fail to trust Completely in our Saviour’s care. In Jesus we find peace … Continue reading

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God’s Steadfast Love

  God’s Steadfast Love By June Stein ~ At times it might seem we’re alone With no one left to care. We know that Jesus loves us, yet— We feel a deep despair. We’re in a place where we depend … Continue reading

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Jesus Cares About You

  Jesus Cares About You By Tom D Blakely ~ Was there a time you doubted God’s word You felt let down and almost despaired. Problems you had seemed too much to bear Maybe you asked does God really care? … Continue reading

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Faithful And True

  Faithful And True By Tom D Blakely ~ Blessed are they who mourn Christ shares each tear Touched by an aching heart Jesus draws near. Jesus who died for you Lives now to care for you, Trust in the … Continue reading

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The Bridegroom IS Coming

  The Bridegroom IS Coming By Rita Broden ~ Happy they sat in the church pews Devoted were they every week Faithful attendance would mark them As those to whom one prayers might seek. With knowledge they quoted the scriptures … Continue reading

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