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In Your Refuge

    In Your Refuge By Lucia K Haase ~ While in your refuge, Oh my Lord, please lend to me your ear; my prayers and thoughts I give to you, for I know you will hear. Deliver me your … Continue reading

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O The Love Of Jesus

    O The Love Of Jesus By Marie C Neubauer ~ In times of confusion There’s One who’ll see us through Jesus Christ is faithful His promises are true. He will heal and save us Give hope we’re looking … Continue reading

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Living In Today’s World

  Living In Today’s World By June Stein ~ How do we live today As faithful to God’s Word? We always look to Jesus Christ And follow our Dear Lord. There is no other way That leads to Truth and … Continue reading

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Forever They Shall Stand

  Forever They Shall Stand By Marie C Neubauer ~ Politicians vow to bring Great changes to the land, but Cannot change God’s Words Forever they shall stand! We may try to redefine them, Say we have a better way, … Continue reading

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The Invisible Kingdom

  The Invisible Kingdom By W A Zamorano ~ Draw near and listen to me, I will tell you about a kingdom that you cannot touch or see, but yet it is real. It is invisible, indestructible, eternal forever and … Continue reading

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Christmas Tears

  Christmas Tears By Rita Broden ~ “Mom, don’t make us sad tonight!” “C’mon!  It’s Christmas Eve!” “Those tears you always shed do naught But make us want to leave!” Oh my dear, sweet family If you just only knew … Continue reading

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    A… S… K By Cinda M Carter ~ Ask and it shall be given unto you… Jesus is faithful and true. He waits for us to come to Him Ask – forgiveness through Christ for sin. Seek and … Continue reading

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