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No Other Name Given

    No Other Name Given By June Stein ~ No other name is given to men by which we must be saved, No other name but Jesus Christ, who death and hell has braved. No other One our God … Continue reading

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My Check List

  My Check List By Tom D Blakely ~ ‘Gun, money, warrant card, keys, fags, lighter.’ And so equipped, I then set off, to work feelin so much better. The other things were standard dress, but these were my priority … Continue reading

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My Library

  My Library By Doreen Margaret Higgs ~ I am the owner of a library, contained within one book, It is very comprehensive, just come and take a look. There are several books of history, accounts of battles won, then … Continue reading

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Gospel Infection

  Gospel Infection By Christine Hare Tate ~ Contaminate your neighborhood with the gospel, and pray for a highly contagious outbreak, so that it would infect everyone like the flu, but with the opposite results. An epidemic of spiritual and … Continue reading

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Guide Us Lord Jesus

  Guide Us Lord Jesus By Marie C Neubauer ~ Guide Us Lord Jesus In this evil day, Lest from your truths We begin to stray… And find ourselves In bondage again, To worldly ways And doctrines of men! Guide … Continue reading

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Do You Believe The Gospel?

  Do You Believe The Gospel? By Marie C Neubauer ~ Do you believe the Gospel? That Christ died for our sins, His atoning blood the only way Our souls are cleansed within, Do you believe the Gospel? That there … Continue reading

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Demise Of The Nations

  Demise Of The Nations By Tom D Blakely ~ Years ago God came down With Holy Spirit awakening. Multitudes had turned to God And lived according to His word. How His wondrous light was spread At Jerusalem, then far … Continue reading

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