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O How I Love God’s Word!

    O How I Love God’s Word! By Kumalawaty Sundari ~ Sweet are my days under His grace God’s Word lifts my spirit up Listening to what He says, blessed I am! The Lord of life gives me hope … Continue reading

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Inside Out

    Inside Out By Christine Hare Tate ~ Glorious Spirit of the living God 
shine brilliantly I pray, 
upon your weary children 
who follow and obey. Guide our tired feet, 
support our fragile frames, 
brush us off, renew, 
and … Continue reading

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Look Up, There’s Hope!

  Look Up, There’s Hope! By Marie C Neubauer ~ Look up, there’s hope There’s One who cares Our Savior hears Our heartfelt prayers. So just reach out And take His hand He is a friend Who understands! He loves … Continue reading

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Why Jesus Came

  Why Jesus Came By Marie C Neubauer ~ Jesus came to save us To guide us through each day He came to encourage And teach us in God’s way. He came to protect us To keep us from harm’s … Continue reading

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Lonely No More!

  Lonely No More! By Marie C Neubauer ~ He is the hope that I needed In the midst of despair. He is the one that I called on And He answered my prayer. He is the rock that I … Continue reading

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The Prince of Peace

  The Prince of Peace By Lucia K Haase ~ The Prince of Peace is reaching out as though the breeze that stirs, His grace-filled love for us devout His ancient Word assures. The Prince of Peace with each new … Continue reading

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  Control By Tom D Blakely ~ We say that we are willing Lord to let you have control. As long as we are near the wheel we let you take this role. But when we reach a trouble spot … Continue reading

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