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More Than Words Can Say

    More Than Words Can Say By Lucia K Haase ~ Behold the eye of Christ the Lord, 
the everlasting Light, adored. 
He watches over us each day, 
and loves us more than words can say. Behold the path … Continue reading

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Cover To Cover

  Cover To Cover By Christine Hare Tate ~ From cover to cover
 great truths you’ll discover,
 the anchor of the soul 
keeps you under control, 
instructs and provides 
restrains and guides, 
enlightens your perception 
and warns you of deception. … Continue reading

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A Puzzle Taking Shape

  A Puzzle Taking Shape By Christine Hare Tate ~ Waiting, trusting, expecting That’s what Christians do… amid the negative clamoring God’s word remains true. Pessimistic reports flourish, you can hear them everywhere… the gloomy clouds are hovering and permeate … Continue reading

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