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Talking To A Stranger

    Talking To A Stranger By Joanne Standfield ~ I felt led to tell a stranger today
 that Jesus loves her so,
 then to my amazement the tears began to flow. She told me her story 
of heartache and … Continue reading

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Life For Life

    Life For Life By June Stein ~ Jesus’ love requires of us to love others in His Name, How could we not in response strive to see His Love proclaimed. We were lost and without hope till the … Continue reading

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No Other Name Under Heaven

    No Other Name Under Heaven By Marie C Neubauer ~ No other NAME under Heaven Whereby we are saved. No other WORDS worth the living Than those Jesus gave. No other HOME but in Heaven To live ever … Continue reading

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This World’s In Need

  This World’s In Need By Marie C Neubauer ~ Keep spreading hope And joy around Let Jesus’ love Through you abound. This world’s in need Of hope and peace The love of Christ That does not cease! O share … Continue reading

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He Gives Us Rest

  He Gives Us Rest By Marie C Neubauer ~ When cares of life on me do weigh That’s when I know that I must pray That’s when I find a quiet place And seek my Lord’s amazing grace. And … Continue reading

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No Greater Gift!

  No Greater Gift! By Marie C Neubauer ~ No greater gift Man ever knew Than Jesus’ love For me and you. Amazing gift Sent from above How mighty is Our Savior’s love! No brighter light Could ever shine Than … Continue reading

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Steps Along The Way

  Steps Along The Way By June Stein ~ God uses all our weaknesses to bring us close to Him, He knows we couldn’t bear the weight alone, Though often life is not exactly what we planned, The whole of … Continue reading

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