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God Will Not Save The World

    God Will Not Save The World By Tom D Blakely ~ According to God’s Word The world cannot be good For it lies in the devil’s power And both by God are doomed. For sin must be destroyed … Continue reading

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The Lord Reigns

    The Lord Reigns By Tom D Blakely ~ The Lord reigns, over all… He is Lord, over all things He has control. By His word, this world He made He will uphold. For a time, for a time. … Continue reading

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A Mighty Revival

  A Mighty Revival By Marie C Neubauer ~ A mighty revival 
Only takes place 
Because of God’s 
Amazing grace.
 When His truth 
Men don’t forbear 
And it is bathed
 In ardent prayer.
 His anointing flows At that hour
 Men … Continue reading

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Living Recklessly

  Living Recklessly By Christine Hare Tate ~ It must break God’s heart to see men without shame, who no longer blush or respect His name. As He scans the globe what does He see, but brazen contempt for His … Continue reading

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Christ Or Antichrist?

  Christ Or Antichrist? By Marie C Neubauer ~ Are you longing For Christ’s return? Or is it the Antichrist For whom you yearn? For by Satan’s power Many will be deceived, As Antichrist’s doctrines The world will believe! A … Continue reading

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