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Established In Love

    Established In Love By June Stein ~ May Christ dwell in our hearts through faith, May we be rooted and established in love, And out of His glorious riches, be strengthened… With His family on earth and in … Continue reading

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Christian Joy

    Christian Joy By Tom D Blakely ~ Happiness is just a feeling That will quickly pass. It depends on things that happen Things that cannot last. Christian joy is something deeper Rooted in our faith. It depends on … Continue reading

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Be An Autumn Tree

    Be An Autumn Tree By Lucia K Haase ~ Reflecting in the lake, unstirred and still, 
an Autumn woodland watercolored hill 
is mirroring the Artist’s given way 
within the depths of water here, today. Reflecting through the hallowed … Continue reading

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Prayer To God The Father

  Prayer To God The Father By June Stein ~ Let us pray to God our Father, In Him we all receive our name, Out of His glorious riches, May He strengthen us with power, That through His Spirit within … Continue reading

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No Room For Doubt

  No Room For Doubt By June Stein ~ I will not seek to know ahead The things that are to be, But dwell in faith and confidence That all is well with me…. No room for doubt, no room … Continue reading

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