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While Christians Sleep

    While Christians Sleep By Tom D Blakely ~ The devil works while Christians sleep Our Lord’s command we failed to keep; “Keep watch and pray!” our Saviour said But we grew tired and slept instead. A mighty movement … Continue reading

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Love One Another

  Love One Another By W A Zamorano ~ The time has come The time is now To show God’s love Before Him bow. The time has come To sing a song To blow the trump To right all wrong. … Continue reading

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So Simple

  So Simple By Doreen Margaret Higgs ~ The Gospel truth is so simple, even a child can understand, So why do folk reject it and other things demand? We must accept it like a child, for Jesus told us … Continue reading

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God’s Hands

  God’s Hands By Doreen Higgs ~ God’s hands are strong but gentle His hands are firm but kind His hands created all the world Yet His hands hold on to mine. Those hands that put the stars in space … Continue reading

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