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Jesus, The One Who Died For Me

    Jesus, The One Who Died For Me By Christine Hare Tate ~ How powerful is He, the one who died for me. righteous, mighty and infallible… sits at the right hand of the Father. He is fair, just … Continue reading

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    Life By June Stein ~ Every season has great beauty, Summer, winter, spring and fall, They reflect our Father’s goodness, For His Love is over all, As the seasons known in nature, So the seasons of our life, … Continue reading

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Life’s True Love Song!

    Life’s True Love Song! By Marie C Neubauer ~ To earth one day Jesus did come The Father sent His only Son, To be our Lord Savior and friend Life’s true love song That does not end! He … Continue reading

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Knocking At Your Door

    Knocking At Your Door By Sylvia E Blakely ~ Someone’s knocking at your door Will you not let Him in? Jesus is the One who knocks Have you got time for Him? You have heard Him many times … Continue reading

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Son Of God

  Son Of God By Tom D Blakely ~ The Son of God came down from heaven, And Satan’s work He did undo, For when He bled and died on Calvary Jesus died for you. For all have sinned and … Continue reading

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Christ Turns Our Darkness Into Light

    Christ Turns Our Darkness Into Light By June Stein ~ Christ turns our darkness into light, Calms our every upset and gives sweet rest in Him, He brings order out of chaos; forgives our every sin, His own … Continue reading

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Our Savior

  Our Savior By June Stein ~ Three crosses stood starkly on a hill that day, The three men impaled there would all die for sins, Two men were convicted of theft and would pay, But One was our Savior, … Continue reading

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