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Perilous Times

    Perilous Times By Marie C Neubauer ~ We’re living in, perilous times Where there is much uncertainty But there is One who knows the way In Jesus find, victory! Our Good Shepherd will light our way We hear … Continue reading

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Hope For Today

    Hope For Today By Marie C Neubauer ~ His Words of life I will obey Through Him I find hope for today He lifts me up when I am low Christ gives me hope I did not know. … Continue reading

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Life’s True Love Song!

    Life’s True Love Song! By Marie C Neubauer ~ To earth one day Jesus did come The Father sent His only Son, To be our Lord Savior and friend Life’s true love song That does not end! He … Continue reading

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Pain Is A Given Thing

  Pain Is A Given Thing By Tom D Blakely ~ Pain… is a given thing So there’s no point complaining Child of God… Do not analyze the problem It’s such a waste of time Trust the Lord for He … Continue reading

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  Free! By June Stein ~ Jesus, You are truly mine In my every need You are Savior, Brother, Lord and Friend Life’s bright Light and Morning Star. How I love You, Precious Lord You are everything to me There’s … Continue reading

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Help For Today

  Help For Today By June Stein ~ I am longing; make me able, Lord, To catch the Spirit’s fire, To be so filled with passion to live my life for You, That in everything, it is my heart’s desire, … Continue reading

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Mission More Than Possible

    Mission More Than Possible By Souad Susu Majdoub ~ A call to duty with a mission at hand, All looks bleak from a bird’s eye view. Though the armor is shiny and the bearer well-groomed, It sounds like … Continue reading

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